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    First Edition with Terry and Charlie 6AM-10AM
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    The Clark Howard Show 12PM - 3PM
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    Afternoon Northwest 3PM-6PM
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    Michael Medved 6PM-9PM
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    The Joe Pags Show 9PM-12AM



3am - 6am

This Morning with Gordon Deal


6am - 10am

First Edition with Charlie & Terry



10am - 12pm

Dennis Prager



12pm - 3pm

The Clark Howard Show


3pm - 6pm

Afternoon Northwest



6pm - 9pm

The Michael Medved Show



9pm - 12am

The Joe Pags Show



12am - 3am

America Tonight



  12am - 2am Popular Technology
  2am – 3am Tech It Out
  3am – 5am This Weekend with Gordon Deal
  5am – 6am The Best of Michael Medved
  6am 8am Health Matters with Paul Rosen
  8am – 9am Investing Simplified with Chuck Price
  9am – 10am The Harlow Retirement Masterpiece
  10pm – 12pm Weekend Warriors Home Improvement Show Built by Parr Lumber
  12pm – 1pm Jeff Dixson Show -The Retirement Coach
  1pm – 2pm Safe Money Radio with Bill Carter
  2pm – 5pm The Best of Clark Howard
  5pm – 6pm Northwest Wine Night
  6pm – 1am Hollywood 360


 KPAM SUNDAYAm860 Sunday
  12am – 1am Hollywood 360
  1am – 3am Cigar Dave  
  3am – 4am Auto World  
  4am – 5am Tee It Up  
  5am – 6am The Harlow Retirement Masterpiece  
  6am - 8am The John Gibson Show  
  8am - 10am Health Matters with Paul Rosen  
  10am 12pm Simple Kitchen with Missy Maki  
  12pm 2pm Weekend Warriors Home Improvement Show Built by Parr Lumber Replay  
  2pm – 3pm Meet The Press  
  3pm – 4pm Northwest Wine Night  
  4pm – 6pm Our American Stories  
  6pm – 12am When Radio Was  


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