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    Wettest weather since March expected this weekend
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    Police say shooter in Roanoke, VA was former TV station employee
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    Portland's "Big Pink" building sold
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    Oregon vineyards expect massive grape harvest


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This Week on First Edition

Thrusday August 27, 2015

5:10  Sally Showman with Koin Six Weather

5:15  First Edition Bad Boy - 

5:40  Carly Kennelly with Koin Six Traffic


5:57  First Edition Good Guy - Rebuilding more than chairs

6:10  Sally Showman with Koin Six Weather

6:12  Sports Insider Ron Callan

6:38  Carly Kennelly with Koin Six Traffic



6:52  Cheapest Fill-up in Town

6:58  Halftime Audio - Sam Elliot's Taylor Swift spoken word

7:15  First Edition Bad Boy - 


7:38  Carly Kennelly with Koin Six Traffic

7:40  First Edition Beer Geek

7:50  Today in Oregon History - Dead in Veneta! Gratefully

7:55  Celebrity Birthdays - 

8:10  Sports Insider Ron Callan

8:20  Jeff Bayer with Movie

8:38  Carly Kennelly with Koin Six Traffic


8:50  What's Going on in Terry Boyd's World

8:58  Musical Minutia - The other day the music died



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Each week on First Edition:

First Edition Travel Bug - Monday 7:40

Portland Tribune Reporter Jim Redden - Tuesday & Thursday 6:40

Bicycle Built for Tuesday - Tuesday 7:40 

Angela Davis - Frugal Living NW - Wednesday 8:20

The First Edition Beer Geek - Thursday 7:40

Jeff Bayer with Movie  - Thursday 8:20 

Food Cart Friday - Friday 7:40


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