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    Obama mourns with survivors at mudslide scene
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    Trader Joe’s to Portland: We’re not coming
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    Nearly 60 cats rescued from Newberg apartment
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    Mass honey bee die-off in Sherwood
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    Group says it will defend Oregon gay-marriage ban
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    WSP: Bee to blame for school bus crash; no injuries
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Fit -- but are we ready to roll?

Mar 11, 2014 -- 10:27am

Congratulations – You live in the fittest city in America!  That’s according to the latest issue of Men’s Fitness magazine.  The story says 86 percent of Portlanders exercise.  But apparently that’s not the only reason we came out on top for sweating.  We also like being outdoors, we make working out fun, we hop on our bikes at every opportunity, we live in a city that’s conducive to fitness and we eat right.  Don’t worry, we aren’t perfect.  About 25 percent of us are obese.  So we have some work to do. 

Speaking of eating right….


Bike and Food Carts – This Thursday you can do both, ride and take in some of Portland’s best neighborhoods and food cart food.  Portland’s Pedal Bike Tours is offering one of its Food Cart Crawl’s.  Weather should be perfect.  The company even provides bikes if you don’t have quite the ride you’d like to have.  Check here for more information.  The company does a variety of tours around town. 

Bike Share – Sounds like the city’s program is going to be put off for another year.  Its not clear exactly what the holdup is…but from what we read in Jonathan Maus’  BikePortland blog, it has something to do with the main supplier Alta bikes.  We look forward to hearing from the city’s transportation bureau – we have calls into officials there, but haven’t had those calls returned.  The entire program has been pushed back several times.  Last we heard it was supposed to open this year.  Now its looking more like Spring of 2015.


Happy Biking

Mar 04, 2014 -- 10:39am

Happy Trails --- A new trail stretching from Washington County to the Oregon Coast is under discussion in Salem.  The “Salmonberry Trail” would follow an old railroad bed from Banks to Tillamook for 86 miles.  The total cost of the project is expected to be in the millions but supporters say the money would come from grants and private donations.  Property owners in the area aren’t exactly crazy about the idea, they’re worried about vandalism and other problems.  Supporters say the trail would be a national draw for hikers cyclists and horseback riders.  Senate Bill 1516 would give the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department direction to move forward on the project.



Happy Lobbying --- Wednesday is lobbying day on Capitol Hill for Bike activists at the National Bike Summit. Oregon is represented by about 20 people to urge for support on projects that will increase biking and walking access across the state. BikePortland blogger Jonathan Maus is at the summit, twittering and blogging.  Following him is a great way to keep up on what's going on. 


Happy Alice Awards --- The Bicycle Transportation Alliance is taking nominations for its annual “Alice” Awards until March 7th.  Every year the BTA hosts a party to celebrate the contributions by citizens, businesses, and organizations who support better biking.  This year’s program highlights those who “Invest in the Movement”.  That could mean investing in the outdoors, in people, in new ideas, or bike tourism.  If you’d like to nominate someone or an organization or business – here’s where to do it:





Terry's Blog

Feb 04, 2014 -- 1:02pm
Terry TravisFirst Edition

Check out the show
Monday - Friday
5am - 7am


Riding in the snow...and beyond!

Feb 04, 2014 -- 12:40pm


The Big Reveal - Tomorrow night we will all know where Cycle Oregon will be heading this September -- and plenty of cyclists will be heading over to the kick off party to find out.  For a change, it will be held at the Portland Art Museum...there will be food, drinks, music and dancing.  The first 500-people in the door are GURANTEED a spot on the ride!  And organizers promise they've got a new registration system that won't have the same bugs as last year's.  The party starts at 6.

Ride of the Penguins – That’s what the “Worst Ride of the Year” could literally turn out to be this Saturday.  In the past, plenty of people have shown up in penguin suits to have a little fun.  After all, Puddles the Penguin is the mascot of the ride.  This year, it may look like the South Pole though.  The forecast is calling for up to six inches of snow.  The ride could really live up to its name. 

Oh Tri Met...what do you think? -- If you've ever had to hoist a hefty bike up on one of the hooks on a Max train, you know it can be a real pain.  And couple that with trying to do it in a crowded train, you know how much fun you can have, getting grease on your fellow passengers.  The folks down in San Francisco who run BART have a better idea, and its one we think looks pretty good. The new bike racks are on the ground, you just roll your bike into them and they are secure.  Your bike won't go swinging side to side.  Can we have some, please?


Will we ever get to share?

Jan 14, 2014 -- 9:43am


Saddle Up -- The newest section of bikeway in Portland is now open… along the Columbia Slough.  The one-point-two mile section is above the Slough, between N. Vancouver and Denver Avenue and cost 610-thousand dollars.  From the path you can see birds and other wildlife in the slough.  Its also a safer than riding on Schmeer Road. The new path will also make a direction connection across Denver to another section of the Columbia Slough path, another new bikeway adjacent to Denver Avenue. 


Will We Ever Get To Share?  The last time with talked with someone from the Portland Bureau of Transportation about Portland's Bike Share Project, they told us it would be on the road this spring.  This after it was delayed by months because of financial considerations.  Now it sounds like finances are still a problem.  Negotiations with a title sponsor are reportedly still ongoing.  A recent story in the Mercury says sponsorship money has been “tricky to come by”.  PBOT is projecting its still on track to have the project on the road this spring.  But staffers estimate its going to take six months to set things up, once the money is in place. 


How popular has bike sharing become? Here’s a  little research for you.  The number of programs around the world, and number of bikes in use, pretty flat until 2006.  That appears to be the tipping point.  Bike programs really took off after that. By the end of this past year, there were more than 700,000 bikes being formally shared through city bike-share programs worldwide. As simply a point of reference, that’s about 34 bike-share bikes available for every Starbucks store in the world.

The trigger, was Paris’s bike-share program, launched in 2001. The mayor of Paris spearheaded the creation of hundreds of kilometers of new bike lanes, but they were being lightly used. The city studied to find out why: “Most apartments were too small to store a bicycle, and people did not feel safe parking their bikes on the street overnight.”

Paris’s program — and its accompanying technology-enabled features that made it newly easy to track bikes and handle payment — was born, providing a model that other cities have tried and reworked as their own.




Seahawks Shuffle

Jan 10, 2014 -- 10:10am

Go Hawks – Happy Seahawks Blue Friday to you.  Washington Governor Jay Inslee has declared it, so it must be so.  I’m not really that much of a football fan, my husband has forced me into it.  After listening to him talk smack about the Hawks for several seasons…and go out of his mind for the 49ers, I just felt like I had to take a stand.  So yes, I’m wearing my number 3 Russell Wilson t-shirt today. 

Our First Edition producer Eric the Great also wore a t-shirt, a Dick’s 12th Man shirt. How awesome is that!  We had a lot of fun this morning and I will be watching the game on Saturday.  Sunday I will watch the 9er’s game with my husband.  If it comes down to the Hawks and 49ers in the Division championship, things could get interesting at our house.  Good thing we love each other!


The NEW First Edition – We are one week in on this new show and I couldn’t be happier.  It’s a lot of fun playing radio with this group.  Tim Hohl, Mark Dornfeld and Mark Provost…and the Eric’s – Peterson and Jon Eric Smith are amazing, creative and talented.  Working with them makes me a better broadcaster. We have some big shoes to fill, with Bob Miller taking his leave.  I think we are up to the challenge.  And our listeners have been very kind and encouraging.  It hasn’t all been smooth, but so far the bugs in the system haven’t taken us out the door screaming.  Looking forward to coming back and doing it all again next week!


Why, Why, Why – You may be wondering, is there a picture of Tonya Harding up on my Facebook page as my profile picture? Because I lost out on celebrity birthday’s this week.  That means Tim gets to pick my avatar.  You’ll recall it was 20 years ago this week that the whack heard round the world landed on Nancy’s knee.  Tim, gotta love him, decided Tonya’s picture was appropriate.  Payback my friend, ya gotta watch out.






Dueling Santas -- and Frybread Friday

Nov 22, 2013 -- 10:14am

Frybread Friday – Our Food Cart guest this morning, TeePee’s Fry Bread.  Now you may think you know frybread, but unless you have tried Rod and Kristen Thompsen’s frybread, you haven’t had the good stuff.  Their frybread isn’t heavy and overly sweet.  Its tasty and light.  The “Indian Toes” taste similar to a New Orleans beignet.  And at the cart, they use the bread to make their “Indian Tacos”. 

I think I’m going to be making a trip to the cart at S.E. 50th and Division to try those. They have a fundraiser tomorrow for the Native American Youth and Family Center in Portland – and the sun is supposed to be out.  Great time for frybread!!



How Oregon Are You? Now you can find out.  Never mind if you were born here…that apparently doesn’t factor into this quiz.  Its mostly about how much you know about Oregon pop culture.  I would have rated 98-percent if I had known more about beer!  As it is, I’m only apparently 89-percent Oregonian, but I guess that’s what happens when you are born in Vancouver Washington. 


New York Anti-Santa??  -- New York city police have warned bar owners not to serve the drunken Santa’s helpers that show up for the annual “Santacon” December 14th.  Its been a problem in the past, and has gotten out of hand in many places…apparently even Portland.  In fact, there is a group in the Rose City that wants to protest the debauchery.  They’ll be out December 7th, the NOPOAnti-con.  This could get interesting.  Dueling Santas, on the street – one naughty, one nice…who will win??  By the way, Hillsboro’s SantaCon is November 30th, and Portland’s is the same day as New York’s.  Just don’t put the bad mouth on Santa!





Invisable helmets - and other bike news

Nov 19, 2013 -- 8:02am

Bicycle Built for an Invisible Helmet – Have you seen this photo?  Its an “invisible helmet”.  Amazingly, this device around her neck detects when you are in some sort of bike accident and it deploys! Don’t believe me – watch this video:


If you want to know more about it, you can check it out here.  They are for sale in Europe. Would you try it, if they go on sale here?  I’m not so sure, guess I would like to see more evidence of everyday use, and that they actually protect your noggin in an accident. 


Santa Cycle – Is there a bike your child’s Christmas list?

  If so, here are some things to consider if you’re going out shopping.


Happy Cranksgiving – Great event, coming up this weekend at Velo Cult.

  Cranksgiving started in New York and its spread to many cities, including Portland.  It’s a sort of scavenger hunt, on your bike, with teammates and prizes.  Its also a benefit.  Portland’s event will donate to “Outside In”, a local charity that helps young people on the streets.  Check it out this Saturday. 


Signal Cycle – I leave you with this…Researchers at Portland State have taken an in-depth look at whether cyclists obey signals on the street, and what it takes to trip them.  There’s a lot of numbers and percentages here, but if you are into that sort of thing, have a field day!



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