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    5 Arab countries supported US air strikes into Syria overnight
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    Missiles from aircraft and US warships targeted Islamic state HQ
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    Injured trucker in trauma unit, after big rig crash blocked I-5 Marine Dr exit
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    Costco customer sues for $670k; says store has no right to inspect his receipt
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    Search resuming in coast range for missing bow hunter Jon Hill
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Beer Geek - The Beer Abides

Sep 18, 2014 -- 9:06am

Brand new in Portland's Pearl District is the Big Legrowlski tap room & growler fill station..  

Thanks to owner Brendan Jones for joining me on the radio this morning.  

I love his slogan: "Never Trust Someone Who Doesn't Drink Beer"

Find The Big Legrowlski at 812 NW Couch.  

The First Edition Beer Geek airs every Thursday morning at 7:40 a.m. on First Edition with Tim Hohl & Terry Travis.  Follow me on Twitter @timhohl & use the hashtag #BeerGeek for breaking craft beer news during the week!




Beer Geek - Save the Farm!

Sep 04, 2014 -- 10:50am

The Columbia Gorge is one of my favorite places on earth.  Craft beer is a passion of mine.  So not many things are more idyllic than drinking a craft beer, brewed in a shed, at a farm on a hillside overlooking the Gorge.

Acadian Farms & Brewery in the foothills outside Carson, Washington, is that place.  It’s one of 5 breweries you can visit in the area, each with its own charms and unique brews.

Where else can you take in the wonderful scenery, soak up the sunshine, while chickens are running around and goats are bleating across the way?

This summer, Benton and Nicole Barnes, owners of Acadian Farms & Brewery find themselves fighting efforts to close down the brewery.  They held a small festival earlier this summer which generated complaints from some neighbors.  That led to Skamania County’s involvement and eventually triggered a public hearing last night in Stevenson.

If you were listening my Beer Geek segment on the radio this morning, you heard Nicole talking about the 70 or so community members who showed up.  All but 2 or 3 of those who testified backed the brewery.

A hearings officer will issue a written ruling in a couple of weeks.  The outcome could mean an end to the brewery, although the farm will stay.  A favorable ruling would mean you’ll still be able to enjoy a bucolic pint on the farm.

Stay tuned for any and all new developments.  Check out the podcast from today’s segment here: the interview starts at at the 37 minute mark during the 7 a.m. hour.

If you are headed to that part of the Gorge, be sure to check out Backwoods Brewing & newcomer Barnstormer Brewing, both in Carson and not far from Acadian Farms.  Walking Man in Stevenson is another can’t miss.  On the Oregon side, Thunder Island Brewing in Cascade Locks is about to celebrate its 1st anniversary.  Awesome setting right next to the Columbia River.  A day well spent if you can manage a stop at all 5!!!

The First Edition Beer Geek airs every Thursday morning at 7:40 a.m. on First Edition with Tim Hohl & Terry Travis.  Follow me on Twitter @timhohl & use the hashtag #BeerGeek for breaking craft beer news during the week!


Beer Geek - We're #1!

Aug 28, 2014 -- 8:20am

As heard on the radio this morning, Oregon is #1 for beer (duh!) in a Thrillist ranking of the nation's 50 states.  

If you can get past some of the snarky comments, it's a fun rundown of craft beer in all 50 states...  I do like the fact they give a shout-out to my home state of Michigan, which has a tremendous craft beer scene...

Here's what Thillist has to say about Oregon:

1. Oregon

California and Washington might have more brewers, but dammit, they’ve also got more people. More importantly, they don’t have the density of Oregon’s offerings. Or the quality. Oregon’s long been at the forefront of the craft industry, with brewers like Widmer Brothers, Rogue, Full Sail, and Deschutes leading the national charge as gateway beers for people who want something more out of their pints. But they’re just the OGs of what might be the epicenter of the craft beer movement.

Much ballyhoo has been made of the sheer number of breweries in the Portland metro area, which tops out at more than 70 and counting... but this isn’t a case of quantity over quality. It’s a case of quantity meeting quality head on. Portland houses an insurmountable number of great breweries -- not good, pretty good, or wonderful, but effin’ great breweries -- that are changing the landscape of modern brewing. Hair of the Dog, Breakside, Cascade, Upright, Ecliptic, the Commons, Burnside, Lompoc... it just keeps going. Even the “crappy” breweries by Portland standards would bury most of their peers based on pure deliciousness.

But that’s just one city in a state full of amazing brewers dotting the state, from the coastal Pelican to the high desert’s 10 Barrel, mid-state’s Ninkasi, Southern Oregon’s uncleverly named Southern Oregon Brewing, Mt. Hood’s Double Mountain... basically, if you enter a city or town in Oregon without a solid brewery, you’ve probably crossed into Washington or Idaho. Or maybe the capital of Salem... which sucks. But you’ll still find a great brewpub serving some of the best beer in America, made in Oregon, with Oregon hops, by a bearded Oregonian who’s probably in a band that sucks... that’s the Oregon way. Oregon beer, more than any, has helped introduce the masses to the potential of drinking great brews, and, with new breweries seemingly opening on a weekly basis, it’s the best damn place to be a beer lover in the US.

While the Oregon ranking is justified, I think Thrillist's jab at Salem is unfair.   The craft beer scene in Oregon's capital city is a happening place these days, thanks to Santiam, Gilgamesh, Vagabond and Salem Ale Works.

The First Edition Beer Geek airs every Thursday morning at 7:40 a.m. on First Edition with Tim Hohl & Terry Travis.  Follow me on Twitter @timhohl & use the hashtag #BeerGeek for breaking craft beer news during the week!

Beer Geek - No Shortage of Craft Beer Fun!

Aug 14, 2014 -- 9:54am

As heard on the radio this morning, plenty of events for craft beer lovers...

TONIGHT (Thursday), Belmont Station hosts a Portland-New Zealand Collaboration Tasting.  The Commons, Gigantic, and Widmer have brewed beers to be showcased at New Zealand's biggest beer festival, called Beervana!   You can sample them tonight and meet the brewers who will be participating in the upcoming "Beervana Exchange"   5-7p.  SE 45th & Stark.

*  *  *  *

Kells Brewpub celebrates its 2nd Anniversary on Friday with 2 special tappings and live music.  6p-close @ NW 2nd & Everett.

Kells Barrel Aged Red: The brewers took their Kells Irish Red Ale  and barrel aged it for many months in Bull Run Distillery whiskey barrels. Honey and vanilla notes of whiskey dance in your mouth with the light toffee and red fruits of the ale. 5% ABV

Billy Ray Citrus CDSL: Billy Ray Citrus merges the dark roasty richness of a stout with the smooth, easy taste of a session lager. Two-row, caramel, carafa II (dehusked black malt) and Vienna malts are balanced by Northern Brewer, Hallertauer, Mt. Hood and Saaz hops, a great blend of the traditional European noble hops with the freshness of the Northwest. Fermented with lager yeast at room temperature gives this beer its fruity esters and a mild green-apple aroma.

*  *  *  *

3rd Annual Westmoreland/Sellwood Summer Brewfest is Saturday & Sunday at Portland U-Brew & Pub, 6237 SE Milwaukie.  6-8 local breweries plus cider, live music & BBQ.  Big tent in the back.  The Oregon Humane Society is the event's chosen charity.

*  *  *  *

Salem Ale Works celebrates its 1st anniversary on Saturday. 11a-9p.  Two new beers: White IPA * Barrel Aged Smoked Porter.  It's a great excuse to check out the burgeoning craft beer scene in Salem (where fellow newcomers Vagabond & Santiam along with Gilgamesh have given craft beer lovers a reason to visit Oregon's captial city).  Salem Ale Works is at 2027 25th Street SE (just south of Mission Street near Salem Airport)...  BTW, I love their slogan!

The First Edition Beer Geek airs every Thursday morning at 7:40 a.m. on First Edition with Tim Hohl & Terry Travis.  Follow me on Twitter @timhohl & use the hashtag #BeerGeek for breaking craft beer news during the week!

Beer Geek - OBF Survival Guide

Jul 24, 2014 -- 10:09am

The 2014 Oregon Brewers Festival is here!  

((( for fellow Beer Geeks who are just here for the beer list...   CLICK HERE!!!  )))

Despite the rain on Wednesday, hundreds joined in the parade from Lucky Lab to Tom McCall Waterfront Park for the ceremonial tapping of the first keg.  By the looks of it, plenty of folks were happy to brave the rain and drink beer!


One of the biggest questions each year is: how do I find the beer I want.  The friendly folks at OBF have an answer for that: 

The festival is divided into two areas: North and South. Each section features five semi-trailers that pour at least 8 beers apiece. The taps are numbered starting at the first tap at the South end of the park, closest to the Morrison Street Bridge. Because the beers are delivered to the park only two days before set up, it is impossible to “position” them in a set order; when they arrive, they are loaded onto a trailer. You are more likely to find beers by distributor rather than by style or alphabetical order. The best way to locate the beer you want is to check the map inside the program guide, available at no cost; or to follow the official mobile app

There's also this handy map (DOWNLOADABLE HERE) that shows you were the beer trailers are (see "Beer List" for which beers are at which trailers)

Be sure to use the Twitter hashtag #OBF27 while tweeting and drinking at the festival!

Finally, if you see this woman...

... give her a hug or at least say "thanks" for being Oregon Brewers Festival ROYALTY.  Chris Crabb is one of just 3 paid staff members for the festival.  Her craft beer promotion magic is one of the big reasons why Portland has become known worldwide as Beervana and a mecca for craft beer.  Cheers, Chris!

Happy OBF! 

The First Edition Beer Geek airs every Thursday morning at 7:40 a.m. on First Edition with Tim Hohl & Terry Travis.  Follow me on Twitter @timhohl for breaking craft beer news during the week!


Beer Geek - Craft Beer in Wine Country

Jul 10, 2014 -- 10:02am

Pinot noir isn't the only thing they're drinking in Dundee these days.

Deception Brewing, the work of childhood friends Ben Hoffman and Brian Wheatly, is now open along Highway 99W on the west end of town.  Four beers on tap to start: Apricot Cream Ale, Pale, IPA & a CDA.

It you think Yamhill County is all about wine, think again.  Craft beer can be just as big an attraction.  Just ask the breweries in wine destinations like Walla Walla & Napa/Sonoma.


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